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Engage is Norton Healthcare’s effort to educate our employees, community and elected officials on our role in health care and the community.

In June 2020, Norton Healthcare president and CEO Russell F. Cox announced five imperatives our organization would immediately undertake to overcome inequalities internally and in our community. The fourth imperative was a commitment to provide more education and advocacy internally on health policy issues to help our workforce make informed choices. This imperative is now called Engage. We kickstarted our advocacy efforts with a Get Out the Vote campaign ahead of the 2020 elections.

Today, the Engage program wants to help our community empower others to make more informed choices on issues affecting our community and our organization. Who better to tell Norton Healthcare’s story than its employees? We are the voice of our organization, and we should use that voice to help the community and policy leaders understand our mission, vision and values, and how our ability to serve is shaped by public policy and the national discussion on health care.

So you can Engage and make your voice count, we want to provide you with more information on the work Norton Healthcare is doing on important health care issues. This includes sharing knowledge about where policy leaders stand on issues that shape social and health care policy. We must make certain that we all learn as much as we can about issues pertaining to health care and health policy, and that we become active in discussions that affect us all.

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