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As a health care organization, Norton Healthcare faces a wide variety of challenges.

Engage is our opportunity to use our voices to explain these challenges and tell the Norton Healthcare story to our community and elected officials. If we help these decision-makers gain a better understanding of the issues that affect us all, we can continue making a difference in our community. That’s why we’re joining together to amplify our organization’s voice on the issues that matter.


Norton Healthcare is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic on the front lines.

Our organization has been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic since it struck in early 2020. From understanding the virus, its symptoms and its severity, to equipping our essential workers with PPE, to working around the clock to support the lives of those affected, to helping stop the spread through vaccine distribution — no one has seen the ins and outs of this pandemic the way we have. That’s why it is so important that we share our unique perspective with leaders who have a say in decisions that affect our ability to help our community get through the pandemic. Moving forward, we must continue to adapt and work with our community to meet its needs.

Medicare and Medicaid

Access to Medicare and Medicaid is crucial for Norton Healthcare to continuing serving our most vulnerable populations.

Medicare and Medicaid serve some of our community’s most vulnerable, many of whom face complex medical challenges. Enrollment in these programs is expected to rise by 79 million people by 2030. Norton Healthcare wants to continue to serve everyone, especially the vulnerable, who need our help and rely on our services. With a new Congress and changes in state legislatures, access to these programs could be in jeopardy for many in our community. We need to be a voice for the patients and customers who rely on Medicare and Medicaid.


Getting people the vaccinations they need has always been one of our top priorities. It is more important now than ever before.

Vaccinations keep us at work, in school, and, most important, healthy. From COVID-19 to HPV to tetanus to the flu shot, our community members rely on vaccines to keep them safe. Norton Healthcare is proud to equip our community with the vaccines they need, but only if state and federal legislation allow. We need to be sure lawmakers at all levels of government understand the need for vaccines, as well as the implications of harmful legislation on our ability to provide vaccinations for our community.

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About Engage

Engage is Norton Healthcare’s effort to educate our employees, community and elected officials on our role in health care and the community.

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